Starting Over

16 Apr

So this is my first blog, I had another one that I wrote like one post a year ago or something, before I was dealing with this at least. So I’m sure not one will ever read this, but I really hope someone does. It really sucks having NO ONE to talk to, except my boyfriend who isn’t really into the same things as me anymore… we really have nothing in common anymore except liking to smoke weed and drink and have sex… but we’ve been together for almost a year an a half now. I’m really not sure if I love him anymore… or ever really did. Sometimes I totally feel insanely head over heels for him but sometimes I hate him so much I just want to never see him again. He’s probably going to be mentioned in this blog  a lot because he;s my only friend so any activity I do is with him pretty much. Let’s just say his name is Zack, for future reference.s.

Okay, so, I’ve been kind of bingeing a lot lately. I had lost  about 10 lbs. in a little over a week but then I gained .7 back in the next week and then I was depressed and ate and then today I checked and I was 152.2! UNACCEPTABLE! So I really, REALLY need to step it up big time, it;s getting hot as fuck where I live and I need to be able to wear shorts and go swimming again.  I’ve been looking at reviews of some of the diets on PT and WE like the abc diet and skinny girl diet and I’ve decided I’m going to try the abc. I really hope I can stick to it the whole time because I’ve heard some really good things about it and a lot of people said they barely even exercised whereas I’m going to plan out goals so I can gradually get more exercise each week.

So, it’s 12:34 am of the 16th of April 2011 and I’m officially started on the abc diet.

Day 1: 500 calories (or less)

Day 2: 500 calories (or less)

3: 300 calories

4: 400 calories

5: 100 calories

6: 200 calories

7: 300 calories

8: 400 calories

9: 500 calories

10: Fast

11: 150 calories

12: 200 calories

13: 400 calories

14: 350 calories

15: 250 calories

16: 200 calories

17: Fast

18: 200 calories

19: 100 calories

20: Fast

21: 300 calories

22: 250 calories

23: 200 calories

24: 150 calories

25: 100 calories

26: 50 calories

27: 100 calories

28: 200 calories

29: 200 calories

30: 300 calories

31: 800 calories

32: Fast

33: 250 calories

34: 350 calories

35: 450 calories

36: Fast

37: 500 calories

38: 450 calories

39: 400 calories

40: 350 calories

41: 300 calories

42: 250 calories

43: 200 calories

44: 200 calories

45: 250 calories

46: 200 calories

47: 300 calories

48: 200 calories

49: 150 calories

50: Fast

I weigh myself whenever I go to my boyfriend’s house because my scale is a piece of shit.

So here are my stats:

5′ 7.5″ ( I hope I don’t have the ‘ and ” mixed up lmao)

HW: 156.6 lbs.

CW: 152.2 lbs.

LW: 120(ish)

GW 1: 140 lbs.

GW 2: 130

I ate like… 4 pieces of pizza today. :/ Over the course of like 4-5 hours. I didn’t purge it, I haven’t done that in a while and I;m glad, I hate hate HATE doing it so much. I only will do it if it was A LOT of food, like 1000+ cal and I’m home ALONE. Never when my mom’s home.

Oh and, the name of my blog. It refers to how I said I want to start over. It’s my refreshened obsession. Haha I think that was really clever to be honest.

Anyways, I’m going to go smoke now, and maybe go on or whyeat. And hope I can sleep tonight. Soon. Otherwise I might be back writing some more.


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